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This card took place at the Key City Sportatorium in Abilene, Texas on Tuesday, November 11, 1958.


  1. Gory Guerrero defeated Rip Hawk with a somersault stomp (19:00).
  2. Dick Steinborn defeated Ripper Leone.
    • Steinborn took the first fall with a Japanese crab (20:35).
    • Steinborn won the second fall with an abdominal stretch (7:08).
  3. Dory Funk, Sr. & Gory Guerrero defeated Rip Hawk & Jerry Woods.
    • Funk subdued Woods with judo chops and a body press to win the first fall (10:40).
    • Woods evened the count against Funk with a spinning toe hold (3:25).
    • Guerrero pinned Hawk after a somersault stomp (15:10).


  • The referee was Bad Boy Hines.