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This card took place at the Fair Park Auditorium in Abilene, Texas on Monday, October 11, 1965.


  1. Ricky Romero fought Don McClarity to a draw.
  2. Ivan Firpo defeated Doug Gilbert.
    • Gilbert won the first fall.
    • Gilbert had to forfeit the match due to injury.
  3. Jack Cain defeated Dory Funk, Jr. since Funk did not win two falls in the time limit (10:00).
  4. North American Tag Team Champions Dory Funk, Jr. & Ricky Romero defeated Mike DiBiase & Don McClarity.
    • Funk won the first fall.
    • McClarity won the second fall.
    • DiBiase & McClarity were disqualified in the third fall.


  • Doug Gilbert was also listed as Doug Lindsey on some previous cards.