Amarillo Wrestling Wiki

This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, April 26, 1962.


  1. Eddie Sharkey defeated Ray Duran with a half Bsoton crab (7:40).
  2. Nick Roberts & Eric Rommel defeated George Cannon & The Viking when Rommel pinned Cannon (10:50).
  3. Arm-Wrestling: George Cannon defeated Nick Roberts (3:16).
  4. Ricky Romero fought Nelson Royal Royal to a draw.
    • Romero won the first fall with a cannon ball (17:00).
    • Royal won the second fall with a press (3:10).
    • Romero and Nelson were both counted out in the third fall (1:12).
  5. Fritz Von Erich defeated Dory Funk, Sr. to win the North American Heavyweight Title.
    • Funk was disqualified in the first fall (13:30).
    • Funk won the second fall with the spinning toe hold (10:20).
    • The referee ruled that Funk was bleeding too heavily to continue (14:55).


  • The referee was Tommy Phelps.