Amarillo Wrestling Wiki

This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, August 24, 1967.


  1. Luis Hernandez defeated Gory Guerrero via disqualification.
  2. Terry Funk & Donna Lopez defeated The Duke & Jack Cain & Toni Rose when Lopez pinned Rose (10:20).
  3. Jerry Kozak fought Dory Funk, Jr. to a draw.
  4. Handicap Match: Earl Maynard & Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Gene Kiniski.
    • Kiniski defeated Maynard with a back breaker (15:50).
    • Patterson defeated Kiniski with an atomic drop (4:06).
  5. North American Heavyweight Champion Kinji Shibuya defeated Dory Funk, Sr.
    • Funk won the first fall with the spinning toe hold (6:32).
    • Shibuya won the second fall with a judo chop (6:25).
    • Funk was disqualified for using brass knuckles (6:27).


  • The referee was Ken Ramey.