Amarillo Wrestling Wiki

This card was held at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, TX on Thursday, December 9, 1965.


  1. The Lawman pinned Doug Gilbert with a press in 8:00.
  2. Dory Funk, Jr. & Ricky Romero & Jose Lothario fought Jack Donovan & Ivan Firpo & Tokyo Tom to a draw.
    • Funk used a spinning toe hold on Firpo to win the first fall in 9:50.
    • Firpo took the second fall with a bear hug on Lothario in 7:37.
    • The time ran out during the third fall.
  3. Mike DiBiase & Jack Cain defeated Jake Smith & Luke Brown.
    • DiBiase took the first fall with a press press on Smith in 4:31.
    • Brown won the second fall with a squasher off the ropes on Cain in 2:30
    • DiBiase finished Brown with a knee drop off the ropes in 2:15.
  4. Terry Funk defeated Sputnik Monroe.
    • Monroe kept kicking the ring ropes and wouldn't let Funk in the ring. Referee Leonard Miller pushed Monroe away. Funk jumped in the ring and pinned Monroe with a double leg lock in 0:10.
    • Monroe begged for five more minutes with Funk, who agreed to ten more minutes. Neither man had a fall, so Funk came out with a victory.


  • This card saw the debut of Terry Funk.
  • The crowd, including the West Texas Buffalo squad gave Terry a standing ovation when he entered the ring and left.