Amarillo Wrestling Wiki

This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, January 20, 1966.


  1. Bobby Hart fought Treach Phillips to a draw.
  2. Dutch Savage defeated Ricky Romero with a head stomp (12:37).
  3. Terry Funk & Wahoo McDaniel defeated Jack Donovan & Doug Gilbert.
    • Donovan pinned McDaniel with a press to win the first fall (12:32).
    • McDaniel used a tomahawk chop on Donovan to win the second fall (4:19).
    • Funk used a series of arm flips and shoulder blocks to finish Gilbert in the third fall (5:35).
  4. Texas Death Match: Dory Funk, Sr. defeated Mike DiBiase (w/ Jack Donovan) (44:00)


  • It was agreed that Jack Cain, Mike DiBiase's manager would be lodged in jail one half-hour before the main event match, and stay one half-hour after the match, and that Dory Funk, Sr. would pay him $2 for every minute, for a total of $208.