Amarillo Wrestling Wiki

This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, June 25, 1959.


  1. Willie Love defeated Tex Brady.
  2. Tony Morelli defeated Cliff Olsen.
  3. Bob Geigel defeated Nick Roberts.
  4. World Tag Team Champions Art Nelson & Doug Donovan defeated Sonny Myers & Joe Hamilton via disqualification in three falls.
  5. Dory Funk, Sr. defeated Mike DiBiase in three falls to win the World Junior Heavyweight Title.


  • In the main event, the falls were tied at one each when Funk applied the spinning toe hold on DiBiase. Referee Big Train Clements had been knocked from the ring but he climbed back in and immediately stopped the match and gave the title to Funk. DiBiase immediately protested and told promoter Doc Sarpolis and Clements that he hadn'e given up and therefore couldn't lose the match. Clements stated that he stopped the match to prevent Funk from breaking DiBiase's leg. DiBiase reported the outcome of the match to the NWA. Since Funk is never again refereed to as having won the title, we can assume that the appeal was successful, and the title was returned to DiBiase.
  • The opening match was billed as "the first Negro men's match ever in Amarillo".