Amarillo Wrestling Wiki

This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, November 18, 1965.


  1. Doug Gilbert fought Jose Lothario to a draw.
  2. Rene Goulet pinned Don McClarity with a press (5:25).
  3. The Kentucky Hillbillies (Luke Brown & Jake Smith) defeated The Lawman & Ivan Firpo & Tokyo Tom.
    • Brown pinned Lawman with a press to win the first fall (5:40).
    • Tom & Firpo refused to enter the ring and forfeited the match.
  4. North American Heavyweight Champion Ricky Romero defeated Jack Donovan.
    • Donovan used a press to win the first fall (9:37).
    • Romero used a cannonball to win the second fall (1:40).
    • Romero used a press to win the third fall (3:27).
  5. Dory Funk, Sr. & Dory Funk, Jr. defeated Mike DiBiase & Jack Cain.
    • Dory Funk, Jr. used the spinning toe hold on DiBiase to win the first fall (4:00).
    • DiBiase used a back breaker off the ropes on Dory Funk, Jr. to win the second fall (9:05).
    • DiBiase & Cain were disqualified in the third fall (5:30).


  • For the main event, a cage was placed in each corner. The man not in the ring was locked in the cage. The disqualification came about when Jack Cain placed an extra lock on the cage when Dory Funk, Sr. was inside.