This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, October 21, 1965.


  1. Dory Funk, Jr. & Ricky Romero & Doug Gilbert defeated Ivan Firpo & Jack Donovan & Mike DiBiase.
  2. Tokyo Tom pinned Jose Lothario with a karate thurst and press (9:10).
  3. Mike DiBiase defeated Rene Goulet.
    • Goulet used a rolling cradle to win the first fall (5:04).
    • DiBiase used a reverse suplex to win the second fall (3:55).
    • DiBiase used a back breaker off the ropes to win the third fall (6:30).
  4. Dory Funk, Sr. defeated Don McClarity.
    • McClarity used a pile driver to win the first fall (3:05).
    • Funk sued the spinning to hold to win the second fall (14:34).
    • Funk pinned McClarity with a press to win the third fall (9:30).


  • Jack Cain was scheduled to be in the opening match, but was injured by Dory Funk, Jr. with a spinning toe hold before the bell. He was replaced by Mike DiBiase.
  • The referee was Ted Naifey.
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