Amarillo Wrestling Wiki


This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, October 24, 1957.


  1. Dory Funk, Sr. defeated Mike DiBiase via decision by West Texas wrestling commissioner Sammy George.
  2. Tokyo Joe defeated Art Nelson.
  3. Roger Mackay defeated Hans Schnabel via forfeit.
  4. Sonny Myers defeated Dick Raines with a drop kick and body press (0:21).
  5. Leo Garibaldi defeated John Tolos.
  6. Danny Savich defeated Roberto Pico.
  7. Jack Terry defeated Country Boy Calhoun.
  8. Leo Garibaldi defeated Jack Terry.
  9. Tokyo Joe defeated Roger Mackay.
  10. Sonny Myers fought Danny Savich to a time limit draw and both men were eliminated (15:00).
  11. Leo Garibaldi defeated The Great Bolo.
  12. Leo Garibaldi defeated Tokyo Joe.
  13. Dory Funk, Sr. defeated Leo Garibaldi to win the vacant North American Heavyweight Title.


  • The title had been declared vacant by West Texas wrestling commissioner Sammy George due to two recent disputed matches between champion Mike DiBiase and Dory Funk, Sr.
  • Hans Schanbel was absent due to the flu.