Amarillo Wrestling Wiki

This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, September 30, 1965.


  1. Jose Lothario pinned Klondike Bill with a press (4:28).
  2. Rene Goulet fought Ivan Firpo to a draw.
  3. Jean Antone fought Kay Noble to a double-CO.
  4. Doug Gilbert & Ricky Romero defeated Don McClarity & The Lawman when Gilbert pinned Lawman with a press (5:31).
  5. Fritz Von Erich defeated Alex Perez with the iron claw (4:40).
  6. Mike DiBiase (w/ Jack Cain) defeated Danny Hodge.
    • Hodge used a rolling leg lock to win the first fall (6:30).
    • DiBiase used a knee drop off the ropes to win the second fall (3:35).
    • DiBiase used a knee drop off the ropes to win the third fall (4:15).
  7. Dory Funk, Jr. defeated World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz.
    • Funk was disqualified in the second fall (15:05).
    • Thesz refused to continue when he claimed that Dory Funk, Sr. had rung the bell to begin the second fall.


  • Dory Funk, Jr. claimed that he should be awarded the title, but promoter Doc Sarpolis announced that the National Wrestling Alliance would have to make a ruling.