This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, September 9, 1965.


  1. Jose Lothario defeated Bronco Kelly with a crab hold (7:25).
  2. Alex Perez defeated Ken Yates with a body slam (5:00).
  3. Ricky Romero defeated Tim Woods with a cradle hold (9:12).
  4. Klondike Bill pinned El Medico with a belly squasher (10:50).
  5. Lou Thesz & Dory Funk, Jr. defeated Mike DiBiase & Don McClarity.
    • McClarity reversed a cat leap by Thesz to win the first fall (10:35).
    • Funk used the spinning toe hold on DiBiase to win the second fall (6:11).
    • Thesz pinned McClarity with a press to win the third fall (9:00).


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